A new lease of life

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March 21, 2023
2 min
testimonial image
Garden Converted 05

When I first arrived, I was shy and in descise.

My heart thud as my shoes hit the mud.

This could be my start to my change, I remember thinking that day.

Gardening? You say…

There is just no way!

I don’t want to be

Planting and watering and digging potatoes,

Cutting hedges and planting sedges

That is for old people, not young people like me.


Aw, well you see,

Bridewell offers more,

You can do all those things for sure

But have you ever been in the forge

Drilling, cutting, using a saw?

Cooking with Julie, that’s fun too,

Creating new flavours to take home with you

There’s chickens, a cat, the vineyard and much more

All just waiting beyond one referral form

Flower 10

Bridewell, for me, was a new lease of life

When all I saw was darkness, they were my light

They helped me find myself, taught me how to help someone else

So that when kindness is shared

We all start to care

About ourselves and others

Bridewell showed me how to find myself           

Now I am no longer a descised, shy, mouse

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