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Can you spare a few hours each month to help in the Bridewell office?

What's this role?

As a small charity we make the most with limited resources. Day to day administrative tasks to support the recovery service include keeping on top of paper work (filing and shredding), web research, and data entry. 

Our marketing and communications work helps to keep referrers and mental health teams, as well as our supporters, up to date. We do this through printed materials, newsletters and social media. If copywriting, social media marketing, updating our website, design work are of interest to you, get in touch!

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By volunteering

You are part of an amazing team who give their time to make Bridewell work

  • raising awareness of mental health
  • creating a supportive, inclusive community
  • using and developing your skills

Volunteers FAQ's

Please get in touch if your question about volunteering isn't answered here
I work fulltime, can I still volunteer with Bridewell?
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We have a variety of volunteering roles including supporting Open Days, helping to run Bridewell's social media, and volunteer driving. Take a look at what's available and what could work with the time you'd like to offer.
Do I need mental health experience to volunteer?
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No. You don't need to have had a background working in mental health but if you do have this or an understanding of mental illness yourself or from your family and friends this can help. Being non-judgemental and empathetic are the most important skills for most of Bridewell's volunteering roles.
What's the time commitment needed for volunteers?
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It depends on the volunteering role. Event volunteers will support us during a weekend event anytime between 10am and 4pm. Volunteer drivers make a regular commitment supporting in the morning and afternoon one day a week. Garden volunteers are on site one day a week from 9am to 4pm.
What training do you provide for volunteers?
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That depends on the role. Event volunteers are given a full briefing on the day of the event. Volunteer drivers undertake a Minibus driving assessment. We offer Mental Health First Aid training for our garden volunteers as well as regular supervision to identify any other training needs.
What specialist expertise are you looking for?
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If you have specific skills that could be useful at Bridewell please do get in touch - we'd love to hear from you. Blacksmiths, landscape gardeners, carpenters, dry stone wallers, could you create a wheelchair accessible ramp? IT skills, design, and marketing are all valuable skills you could share.

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